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Female Inventor of The Year Award Given to Renowned Fashion Designer and Television Personality Andrea Rose

NEW YORK, May 11 /PR Newswire/ -- The Female Inventor of the Year award was given to renowned inventor, author, lecturer, designer and artist Andrea Rose by Chicago based Ocean Tomo for her innovative patented online shopping invention. The patent has been licensed by My Virtual Model a Canadian firm whose clients included such notable companies as Lands End, Sears, H&M and Glamour. Andrea Rose's patent assists the online shopper in several ways. The patented system allows them to try on clothing by creating their own model based on their unique body type, tells them what size they are in a particular clothing manufacture and offers them a personal fashion consultation online. Whereby, Andrea Rose's patented system increases the online retailers bottom line through greater sales and a reduction in the return rate.

The award was presented to Andrea Rose during the two-day, first-ever patent auction sponsored by Ocean Tomo who specializes in understanding and leveraging intellectual property assets and held at the Ritz Carlton San Francisco. The award was presented during the evening Gala held at the San Francisco Science Museum where the keynote speaker was Brian Sullivan of Bloomberg Television. Mr. James Malackowski, CEO and Mr. Dean Becker Vice President of Ocean Tomo presented the gold medallion award to Andrea Rose.

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Introducing Andrea Rose

AndreaAndrea Rose, inventor, author, lecturer and artist is truly a Renaissance woman. A resident of Manhattan, Andrea Rose was born in Philadelphia and is a Cum Laude graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. After apprenticing in the Halston workrooms in New York City Andrea Rose struck out on her own and opened her own fashion house. While on Seventh Avenue, Andrea Rose authored several fashion self-help books including Secrets of a Fashion Designer; How To Be Your Own Fashion Consultant, 24 Hours of Accessorizing and 100 Quick Fashion Tips and conducted events around the country entitled "A Closet Full of Clothes With Nothing To Wear".

AndreaDuring her years on Seventh avenue Andrea Rose was inspired to create her first patented invention that became a worldwide success, as seen through her licensee, My Virtual Model, that revolutionized online shopping. That patent lead her to inventing a multitude of products in various categories including beauty, housewares, fitness, technology and crafts. Whereby, Andrea Rose eventually left the fashion industry and took up inventing full time. Currently, Andrea Rose has a licensing company for her many inventions and invites companies seeking innovative products to contact her at

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